Ways of transportation

What way to go, air or sea freight?

FCL sea freight : more than 100 boxes of belongings with some furniture
LCL sea freight : less than 50 boxes of belongings with few furniture
air freight : less than 10 boxes of belongings without furniture

What is the best way to transit your shipment, booking one full container or sharing container with other client by seafreight or sending it by air freight? 

Air freight is easy and fast way to move your belongings obviously. It's best way if you just ship lesss than 5 boxes, but there are lots of special regulation, no bettery, liquid or powder items was allowed on board. 

Sea freight is proper way if you ship more than 30boxes and some furnitures. sea freight will take long journey from packing at origin to port of destination, then your final delivery address. 

FCL( full container loaded) shipment has directly line from port of origin to port of destination, will take short term transport even by sea freight, and easier to cleared at port of destination when it arrives.

LCL(less-than container loaded) shipment has no direct line to go and has to share container with other goods, it will take longer time than FCL, but sea freight is cheaper.

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