Moving Procedure

Monitor Internaitonal Mover owned world wide moving network help you move to each conner of world for you no matter you work, immagrate abroad,  or back to your home countries. We will take utmos

address : special customs regulations for different countries to move
volume : one important factor to choose the way of transportation
moving schedule : packing, transportation, delivery time on your schedule
nationality : different Customs regulation for different passport holder
antique inspection : antique furniture can be released after getting antique inspection certificate
insurance : insurance cover all risk of moving procedure

Monitor Internaitonal Mover owned world wide moving network help you move to each conner of world for you no matter you work, immagrate abroad,  or back to your home countries. We will take utmost care of each step of your moving, and made unqiue moving solution for you as your schedule and requirement.

The procedure of international moving:

1) moving survey: our moving consultant will perform one free pre-move survey to make a volume inspection of belonging. During survey our sales consultant will show you all customs documents need at origin and destination, after view your moving enquirment, moving schedule, one moving solution will be made to you with quotation inadvance.

2 ) Quotation / moving agreement: one quotation will foward to you care including our service scope and obligation of service. The contract is also one written promission of service. 

3 ) Packing: Packing is most important factor during the international moving.  The quarlified package can gurantee your belongings arrive the destination safely. Your books/ documents, clothes, beddings, kid toys, and furniture will be put in different sized boxes. We label "Fragile”sticker on the boxes and mark what contents in the boxes and which room they were packed. High valued fragile belongings has to be wood crated to well protect them. We process operation training every 3 month to studay cases recently for better service. We deserved our great reputation through our service and client oriental service attitude. 

4 ) Customs Clearance: Our sales coordinator will collect your passport and work permit for Customs registration, and assist to accomplish all documents required including insurance form. Herebelow is documents required for Customs Clearance in China.

* Chinese Passport Holder: original passport + application letter to export personl belongings abroad.

*Hongkongee / Taiwanees: original Huixiangzheng / Taibaozheng + work permit+ temporary residence permit

* Foreigner: origianl passport+ work permit + temporary residence permit

* Embassy & UN officials : original diplomatic card + Embassy letter

5) Transportation: our sales coordinatior will keep eyes on the status of your shipment and update detailed sailing information to you in time and advise you to prepare documents for Customs Clearance once shipment arrived at port of destination, meanwhile inform partner to process customs clearnce. Our partner will get contact with you for delivery details once shipment was cleared on the port of destination.

6 ) Delivery: the boxes will be moved to right room on your instruction, upacking, disassemble the furniture, collect debris on the delivery date.

7) Insurance: Insurance is what we do last to gurantee your goods in case of damage when it was delivered. Our risk manager will follow up the claim issue with insurance company.

About Us

Monitor International Mover founded in 2012,  household moving expertise for Embassy officials and UN organizations officials and employees from 500 fortune companies. We won great reputation from our clients with our professional service and "client oriental " service concept.  



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